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Components and additives for ice cream

Fruit and flavour toppings and sauces for ice cream

Additives enriching the taste of industrially produced ice-cream, intended for pouring, layering or marbling ice cream mass in boxed, cuvette, cone or similar ice-cream. An extensive range of flavours guarantees our customers an individual adaptation of the best solution for their products. A particularly interesting group are toppings with a short list of ingredients, intended for ice cream produced according to traditional recipes. These products, with their physical parameters: consistency, structure and range of viscosity, are strictly adjusted to the requirements of our customers' production lines. Each batch is tested for its compliance with these requirements in our internal laboratory.

Packaging Weight
Aseptic bags 25 kg
Stainless steel tanks 250, 600, 1000 kg
Buckets 13, 25, 40 kg
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