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Fruit and flavor preparations for dairy products

Fruit and flavour preparations to be mixed with milk base

Universal formulations used in dairy industry, which after mixing with milk base, give the products the desired flavour, smell and colour. They are used in the production of a wide range of dairy products: yoghurts, desserts, cheese, buttermilk and kefir. The fruit can be in the form of large slices, cubes or mixed shreds.
There are also preparations of smooth, homogenous consistency, prepared from fruit concentrates. On request, the fruit preparations can be enriched with cereal mixture, chocolate pieces, cookies, vitamins and other health-oriented additives, spices, herbs and plant extracts.

On customers' request, we prepare preparations of various physical and chemical parameters:

  • Fruit content: 25-70%
  • General extract: 30-72%
  • Recommended dosage: 10-18%
Packaging Weight
Aseptic bag 25 kg
Stainless steel tanks 250, 600, 1000 kg


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