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Fillings for bakery and confectionery products

Thermostable cream fillings

Products used as an additive to artisanal bakery and confectionery products such as: yeast cakes, doughnuts, croissants, puff pastry cakes. The most popular ingredients with pudding consistency in this group are "Izi Creams" and "Fine Creams" with flavours: advocaat, chocolate, toffee, vanilla, tiramisu and ‘kukułka’. Other attractive flavours in this group are: caramel, butterscotch and nutina. Fillings can be dispensed directly into cakes both before and after baking. They gently bake in the dough, creating an appetising addition, making the confectionery product more varied and attractive.

Packaging Weight
Stainless steel tanks 250, 600, 1000 kg
Plastic barrels 120, 160 kg
Buckets 13, 25, 40 kg
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