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Fillings for bakery and confectionery products

Thermostable fillings with pieces of fruit

A group of fillings intended for baking on the surface, in the middle and between layers of dough in bakery and confectionery products such as blueberry cakes, apple pies, puff pastry cakes, yeast cakes, croissants, arletkas or rolls. Fillings are prepared from frozen fruit added as whole fruit or in the form of fragments of a size adjusted to the diameter of the dispensing nozzle on the Customer's production line. The maximum fruit content in the filling may reach up to 90%. The most popular flavours in this group are: apple, cherry, peach and pineapple. Fillings with pieces of fruit enrich bakery and confectionery products with juicy, fruity taste and make the appearance of confectionery products more attractive.

Packaging Weight
Stainless steel tanks 250, 600, 1000 kg
Plastic barrels 120, 160 kg
Buckets 13, 25, 40 kg


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